Frequently asked questions

>  I've got a script, I just need your voice

Paul Graham Voice overs Contact me straight away! Either by email or phone, and let's get the ball rolling.

> I'm having a think, and need a quote

No problem. I'll need to know a bit of information to sort out a quote first. Usually I'll ask you how many words are you thinking of. You might not be at that stage though, so let's have a quick chat by email or phone, and then I can get a better idea and give you a rough quote, for starters.

> How long does it take to record a voice over?

Well, it all depends on how many words there are for me to record, how many changes you would like after the first recording and lots of other different factors, really. Have a think about the number of words in particular, then drop me a line ASAP and let's have a quick chat, either by email or on the phone, about your job.

> Have you got a pro sound studio?

Yes, something I'm very proud of. I've worked in many broadcasting studios and picked up lots of tips and hints from sound engineers to get the best out of a studio. My studio is fully lined with sound baffles to ensure a totally dead sound. I use a very high quality Rode NT-1 microphone, connected via a pre-amp to a fast Windows 10 pc. I use Adobe Audition to record into and for any edits, dubs or mixes or just plain, raw audio to send direct to you.

> I'm not sure of what 'voice' I need

That can be a conundrum! By all means, have a listen to the different styles that I can bring to a recording. I have quite a few bits of recorded audio, starring my own voice, right here.

> I have a question that you haven't answered here

By all means do get in touch and I'm sure I can help reassure you. You can either call me direct (although I might not be able to answer if I'm recording) or send me an email. I can also arrange a short meeting if you have a few questions you need answering.