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  • What are the products available in Koinpack packaging?
    Koinpack offers products of your daily necessities from home-care products to personal-care products
  • Is the product sold in Koinpack packaging real?
    Products provided in Koinpack packaging are original products supplied directly from the producer / distributor
  • How do you clean the packaging?
    We’re developing a cleaning procedure for our packaging using a semi-automated machine and specific cleaning materials that will not harm the packaging and product quality.
  • How do Koinpack ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the cleaned packaging?
    Koinpack does a laboratory test to measure the rate of microorganism in the cleaned packaging and ensures that the result is negative or 0.
  • Can I use my own packaging to purchase Koinpack products?
    No, you cannot. The customer should use Koinpack’s packaging to ensure the quality and hygiene of the products from the brand.
  • How many times will the packaging be reused?
    Koinpack current bottle packaging can be reused up to 20 times of usage.
  • After the packaging reaches its maximum number of usage, will Koinpack packaging end up as waste?"
    We’re planning to send out our bottle for recycling so it can be made into a brand new bottle from recycled material.
  • Where can I buy products that use Koinpack packaging?
    Koinpack can be bought offline through our seller partners, see the full list of our partners at Koinpack can also be bought online through our website or WhatsApp at +62 857-8619-7229 and we will deliver it right to your doorstep!
  • Is my area within Koinpack delivery service area?
    Koinpack delivery service is now available for Jabodetabek Area
  • How long should I wait until I receive my order?
    Your order will be processed within 1 working day. We will deliver your order on the next day with a same day delivery service right to your doorstep.
  • How much is the cost for the delivery order?
    The delivery order cost is distance-flat at Rp15,000 for a minimum purchase of Rp50,000 or more. If the purchase is less than Rp50,000 the delivery cost is distance-flat at Rp20,000.
  • How can I return the Koinpack empty packaging?
    You can return the empty packaging to our partners (place where you bought the products) or request a free pick-up service through our WhatsApp at +62 857-8619-7229
  • How long should I return the empty packaging?
    There’s no limit as to how many days you can keep our packaging. However, we expect you to return the empty packaging as soon as possible once it is empty to ensure our circular system works smoothly.
  • If the packaging is damaged, can I still return it?"
    You can return the packaging as long as it is still in shape (not fully torn). We will accept your packaging even if you lose the cap / lid.
  • If the packaging is damaged, will I still get my cashback?"
    Yes you will.
  • How much is the cost for picking up my empty packaging?
    The pick-up service is free for all Jabodetabek area
  • How much is the price for every returned packaging?
    The price that you will get is up to the size of the packaging and the product itself. You can check the amount of the cashback in the back side of the packaging or in our webstore
  • Can I return empty packaging of any brand?
    No. We only accept empty packaging of Koinpack packaging.
  • What is Koinpack?
    Koinpack is a packaging service provider that sells your favorite daily necessities products in returnable and reusable packaging.
  • Why Koinpack?
    With Koinpack, you can shop for conveniently affordable products and zero waste.
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